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Backup Disaster Recovery as a Service

BDRaaS protects you in case the worst happens. Powered by COHESITY.

EMPDCC’s goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution, while providing a completely safe and efficient environment for your data and technology.

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Web-scale Data Management from Edge to Cloud

EMPDCC offers an affordable and efficient way for your business to securely and safely backup your data in case of a disaster. We offer a complete Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS) solution in the event of data loss which enables your business to automate and manage the takeover and failback of your environment. We help you minimize the occurrence of IT failures and help prevent any unforeseen issues. We enable you to focus on your business and let us manage your data backup and recovery.

EMPDCC provides a web-scale data management platform designed to eliminate secondary storage silos by converging all secondary storage and associated data services on one unified solution – including backups, cloud gateways, files, objects, test/dev copies, and analytics data. EMPDCC DRaaS is a software-defined solution the spans from the edge, to our Tier 3 + data center, and the cloud. With EMPDCC DRaaS, enterprises can:

  • Simplify Data protection infrastructure by converging legacy backup silos
  • Consolidate file and object services
  • Build a multicloud data fabric with native cloud integration
  • Achieve maximum RTO and RPO goals
  • Gain visibility into your dark data with in-place analytics
  • Military grade data center cloud
  • Reduce secondary storage TCO by 50% or more
  • By annual disaster recovery testing
  • GDPR compliant

Failback Planning

We’ve engineered EMPDCC Disaster Recovery so that you experience minimal downtime, not only during failover but also during failback.
EMPDCC offers incremental failback, allowing you to continue to run systems in the EMPDCC Cloud, while managing the sequential failback in the background. As a result, the final switch over from the cloud to local operations takes place painlessly – in minutes.

Cloud Failover

EMPDCC Disaster Recovery is a solution that allows you to failover your IT environment to the cloud and continue to access your business-critical applications with minimal disruption during a downtime event. The cloud-first service offers high availability and reliability for even the most demanding recovery time objectives (RTOs).

VMware Disaster Recovery

If you are running a VMware virtual environment, you can deploy the EMPDCC Virtual Appliance for VMware, which enables agentless protection of VMware virtual machines. The EMPDCC Virtual Appliance for VMware eliminates the need to install the EMPDCC Agent on each individual VMware virtual machine, saving you time and making the disaster recovery setup process efficient.

Database Recovery

Databases are a central part of most organization’s IT environment, powering core operations and enabling processes and flows to run smoothly. Databases help store, organize, and manage critical data, whether the organization is a small company or a global enterprise. In the event of a disaster, having your databases up and running quickly is critical.

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